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Time Management Workshop

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The Time Management workshop will help delegates understand the importance of goal setting, planning, and task prioritisation. Delegates will identify their own weaknesses and complete a time management audit as well as identify their personal productivity cycle. Focus is placed on creating a working environment that is conducive to productively and high performance and delegates will example the major obstacles including email, interruptions, and multi-tasking. Finally, the workshop highlights the importance of the individual’s energy levels and the role these play in producing good work.

Who should attend

This course is suitable for any employee that is looking to increase their productively and effectiveness at work through better time management.


  • Explore the importance of focus planning time
  • Have the skills and knowledge to be able to become a confident task manager and problem-solver
  • Complete a time management self-analysis audit
  • Identify downtime (wastage) at work and how to create a productive working environment.
  • Have identified and created rituals you can use for a more productive day
  • Understand the role of motivation and energy is managing time
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