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Effective Communication

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This workshop is suitable for anyone wanting to improve their interpersonal communication skills and effectiveness in the workplace. Delegates will explore differences in individual communication styles using a number of models including the Insights Discovery personality profiling tool and the VAK learning preferences theory. Delegates will discovery why their IQ only makes up 33% of their career success as well as identifying how to communicate more effectively with their peers, managers, and clients in a variety of formats including face to face, phone, or when using technology. Delegates will gain more confidence and learn to use an assertive communication style while establishing excellent first impressions. Finally, delegates will learn to deliver effective presentations to groups and individuals.

Who should attend

This course is suitable for any employee that is looking to increase their interpersonal communication skills and build better relationships at work.


Communicating with Different Personality Types

Understanding Individuals Cognitive Bias

Becoming more Emotional Intelligent

The Importance of Non-Verble Communication

The power of using a Coaching Style of Communication

Holding Effective Conversations

Delivering Powerful Presentations

Being Assertive and Showing Confidence

Building Good First Impressions

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