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Influence, Persuade, and Negotiate

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This workshop will help delegates learn to recognise and utilise some basic negotiation phases, terms and techniques. Delegates will increase their confidence and learn to communication with more presence by understanding the principles of persuasion and the importance of good body language. This course will help delegates understand individual personalities and the importance of identifying and adapting communication based on individual preferences and situations.

Who should attend

This course is suitable for any employee that is looking to increase their ability to influence those around them.

Course Syllabus

  • Discover and practice two types of Negotiation
  • Discover the power of a strong vision and a clear set of values
  • Identify the key aspects of visual, vocal, and verbal communication
  • Explore different types of communication and the vehicles that we use to deliver our messages
  • Understand Carl Yung’s personality types as well as individual learning preferences
  • Learn the three foundations of building trust
  • Unlock people through the power of questions
  • Learn Aristotle's three foundations of influencing others
  • Discover the six principles of persuasion used by companies around the world
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