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Word Introduction

Designed for Word versions 2016,2013,2010,2007

0800 1337 401

Course Objectives

Welcome to Seven Institute’s course for Microsoft Office Word, Microsoft’s flagship productivity software. This new version of Word incorporates many new features and connectivity options in efforts to make collaboration and production as easy as possible.

This Introduction level is intended to help all novice computer users get up to speed quickly. This course will also help more experienced users who have little to no experience with Word and the ribbon interface.

In general, the course is geared towards the novice computer user. This course will cover different features of the interface, give a brief overview of all the tabs in the ribbon, show users how to print, and cover the basics of text formatting. By the end of this course, users should be comfortable with creating a new document, making it look professional and presentable, and saving and printing their document.

Who Should Attend

This course assumes the user understands the bare basics of using a Windows-based computer. Students should be comfortable using the keyboard, mouse, and Start menu. Knowledge of and experience with printing and using a Web browser is an asset, but not required.

Course Syllabus


  • Launch Word
  • Close Word
  • Interact with Word
  • Create a new document
  • Type, delete, and select text
  • Navigate through a document using the keyboard, mouse, and scroll bars
  • Use the Go To dialog
  • Use basic and advanced text formatting
  • Remove formatting
  • Use Undo and Redo
  • Save and open files
  • Use the Recent Documents list
  • Switch between open files
  • Close documents
  • Open Help
  • Use the Help screen, including the search tool and the table of contents
  • Get help in a dialog box


  • Use the File (Backstage) menu
  • Use the status bar and mini toolbar
  • Use dialog boxes
  • Use the right-click menu
  • Use different keyboard shortcuts
  • Use, modify, and move the Quick Access Toolbar (QAT)
  • Use tabs, groups, and option buttons
  • Minimize the ribbon
  • Use the Home, Insert, and View tabs


  • Use the Page Layout tab
  • Use the References tab
  • Use the Mailings tab
  • Use the Review tab
  • Use contextual tabs
  • Customize the ribbon


  • Create blank documents
  • Create documents from templates and from existing documents
  • Select text using the mouse, keyboard, and Home tab
  • Cut, copy, and paste text
  • Move text by dragging and dropping
  • Use the navigation pane
  • Use the Office clipboard
  • Find and replace text
  • Use the Format Painter
  • Add drop caps to text
  • Apply a Quick Style to text
  • Align and justify text


  • Change the font type, size, color, and case
  • Apply highlighting and special underlines to text
  • Open and use the Font dialog
  • Set your default font
  • Embed fonts into your document
  • Use, set, move, and remove tabs
  • Indent text using the ruler and the Home tab
  • Change paragraph spacing
  • Add borders and shading to text


  • Use print layout, full screen reading view, Web layout, outline view, and draft view
  • Use minimize, maximize, and restore
  • Use zoom on the View tab and the Zoom dialog
  • Use the view controls on the status bar
  • Use thumbnails
  • Use the document browser
  • Use the navigation pane
  • Show and hide special characters and screen elements
  • Use Print Preview
  • Use the Page Setup group and dialog
  • Use print commands
  • Use basic and advanced print options
  • Modify printer properties
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