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Word Advanced

Designed for Word versions 2016,2013,2010,2007

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Course Objectives

Welcome to Seven Institute’s course for Microsoft Office Word, Microsoft’s flagship word processing software. This new version of Word incorporates many new features and connectivity options in efforts to make collaboration and production as easy as possible.

This Advanced level is intended to help users who are already proficient with Word become more familiar with adding various types of objects to their documents.

This course will cover pictures, shapes, text boxes, WordArt, SmartArt, Building Blocks, Quick Parts, tables, and charts. By the end of this course users should be completely comfortable inserting and manipulating these objects.

Who Should Attend

Microsoft Word Advanced is ideal for people want to perfect their word skills by learning the advanced features of the word software.

Course Syllabus


  • Add a picture from a file
  • Add Clip Art and screenshots
  • Use the Picture Tools – Format tab
  • Use the mini toolbar for pictures
  • Perform basic editing tasks on pictures
  • Resize, move, arrange, group, and ungroup pictures
  • Wrap text around pictures in different ways
  • Change the picture’s position on the page
  • Crop pictures in different ways
  • Rotate, flip, align, and distribute pictures
  • Sharpen and soften pictures
  • Change the brightness, contrast, saturation, and tone of pictures
  • Recolor pictures
  • Apply artistic effects and picture styles to images
  • Add borders and effects to pictures
  • Edit the background of a photo
  • Use the Format Picture dialog
  • Compress pictures
  • Change a picture while preserving the formatting
  • Reset pictures
  • Save pictures outside of Word


  • Draw, resize, move, edit, and delete shapes
  • Use the Drawing Tools – Format tab
  • Format shapes with styles and by hand
  • Arrange, group, ungroup, align, distribute, rotate, and flip shapes
  • Add text to shapes
  • Format text inside shapes with styles and by hand
  • Use the Transform command
  • Use guidelines and grids
  • Use the Format Shape and Format Text Effects dialogs
  • Use the Selection Pane


  • Insert pre-defined text boxes
  • Draw text boxes
  • Edit, format, and link text boxes
  • Insert, edit, and format WordArt
  • Add SmartArt
  • Add text and pictures to SmartArt
  • Resize, move, and delete a diagram
  • Use the SmartArt Tools tabs
  • Change a diagram’s layout, color scheme, and/or effects scheme
  • Reset SmartArt
  • Add a watermark to a document
  • Create and save custom watermarks
  • Insert, add, and manage Quick Parts
  • Use the Building Blocks Organizer


  • Identify the parts of a table
  • Insert a table or draw a table manually
  • Use the Table Tools contextual tabs
  • Use Quick Tables
  • Insert Excel spreadsheets into a document
  • Select and resize cells, columns, or rows
  • Move, split, and resize tables
  • Insert and delete rows and columns
  • Merge and split cells
  • Format tables with styles and by hand
  • Change cell margins and spacing
  • Change cell and table alignment
  • Sort table data
  • Use formulas in a table
  • Convert tables to text and vice versa
  • Use the Borders and Shading and Table Properties dialogs


  • Add built-in equations
  • Create custom equations
  • Use the Equation Tools – Design tab
  • Save equations to the gallery
  • Insert, resize, move, and delete charts
  • Use the Chart Tools tabs
  • Edit chart data
  • Change the chart type, layout, and style
  • Add a caption to a chart
  • Analyze chart data with Trendlines, up/down bars, error bars, and other bar and line types
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