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Performance Management

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This event will expose Managers to a thorough, yet simplified approach to managing and embedding a performance management culture into their day-to-day way of working. The content follows the a standard performance management process and timescales and delivers the key messages of driving performance in practical terms. Through a combination of theory and practise emphasis will be on reinforcing the need to create robust objectives and the importance of managing performance in order to set the entire performance cycle up for success.

Who is it for

Aimed at Managers who have had, little development or no exposure to best practise performance management or for managers wanting a refresh. The course can also be customised for organisations wanting to put their own managers through a bespoke course.




  • Define Performance Management and some of the common terms and models used in Performance Management
  • Be clear about using a standard (can be customised) Performance Plan process
  • Have confidence when setting performance & development objectives
  • Learn the importance of using a defined competency assessment tool
  • Identify the value of performance measurement and monitoring
  • Understand what engages and motivates different employees
  • Practice giving positive feedback and constructive criticism
  • Learn to build a culture that fosters personal responsibility toward performance



What is Performance Management

Understanding the Performance Management Process

Setting Objectives

Competency Assessments

Measuring and Monitoring

Motivation and Buy-In

Giving Feedback

Delivering Constructive Criticism

Using a Coaching Style

Building Culture

Action Planning and Wrap Up

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