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LinkedIn for Employees - 2 hour session

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Objectives & Expected Outcomes

Be more effective in their use of LinkedIn to better support the company’s identity on LinkedIn. Understand and know how to utilise the potential for connecting with existing and prospective clients. Follow corporate guidelines to maximise consistency.


To have a basic computing knowledge. LinkedIn account should already exist.


Introduction to LinkedIn

What is LinkedIn? | More than an online CV? | Your Profile vs. Your Company Profile | Understanding the context of LinkedIn | Premium vs. Freemium | Inbox | Notifications

Your Profile

Completing your Profile | Bio | Sharing Contact Info | Activity | Your Summary | Experience | Skills & Expertise | Endorsements | Education and Additional Information | Optimising your Profile


Managing Recommendations | Giving Recommendations | Asking for Recommendations


Degrees of Connections | Filtering Connections | Introductions | Finding the right connections


Key Features | Differences between Company and Personal Profiles | Products & Services | Insights | Employees | Updates | Interacting efficiently with your Company Page

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