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Project Advanced

Designed for Project versions 2016,2013,2010,2007

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Course Objectives

Welcome to Seven Institutes course for Microsoft Office Project. Project is one of the most popular scheduling and project management programs on the market. This new version of Project incorporates the ribbon interface with familiar project management tools (such as task lists, resource sheets, Gantt charts, and network diagrams) to provide an easy-to-use project management experience.

This Advanced level is intended to help everyday computer users and managers understand advanced concepts in Microsoft Project. This course will also help more experienced users who have little experience with reports, WBS code, shapes, and macros in Project 2013.

This course will cover how to use advanced Project features, including variances, WBS code, reports, and much more. By the end of this course, users should be comfortable creating a report, editing an existing project, calculating project costs, and using multiple project files at once.

Who Should Attend

Anyone with a good working knowledge of Microsoft Project 2013 that wants to learn the more advanced features. The course is ideal for project managers or anyone wanting to become a project manager or work with project managers.

Course Syllabus


  • Import and export files
  • Organize the global template
  • Import tasks from Microsoft Outlook
  • Open the Project Organizer
  • Copy, rename, and delete project elements
  • Use the Compare Projects tab
  • Analyze comparison results


  • Use the Variance table
  • Check for variances
  • Set and modify fixed duration tasks
  • Add hyperlinks and custom fields to a task
  • Set currency options
  • Enter project costs
  • Use cost rate tables
  • View and update costs
  • Assign WBS code to tasks
  • View the WBS code in a project
  • Customize WBS code
  • Set up graphical indicator fields
  • Use formulas with graphical indicators
  • Work and cost variances
  • Fixed costs vs. cost resources
  • WBS code


  • Draw, move, resize, and delete shapes
  • Change shape order
  • Change the line and fill colors of shapes
  • Attach a drawing to a task
  • Change the Gantt chart text style
  • Change Gantt chart gridline settings
  • Customize the Gantt chart layout
  • Format Gantt chart columns, chart bars, and bar styles
  • Choose tasks to view in a Gantt chart
  • Choose a baseline in a Gantt chart
  • Show and hide task information when viewing Gantt charts


  • Use the Reports dialog box
  • Create pre-defined and custom reports
  • Open the Visual Reports dialog
  • Choose a visual report
  • View network diagrams
  • View the calendar
  • Use the Calendar Tools – Format tab
  • View the calendar task list
  • Format the calendar


  • Start a resource pool
  • Link a project to a resource pool
  • Unlink a project from a resource pool
  • Update a resource pool
  • Insert subprojects
  • Unlink or remove subprojects
  • Consolidate subprojects
  • View a master project’s critical path
  • Save baselines for master and consolidated projects
  • View information about inserted projects
  • The various versions of Microsoft Project
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