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Photoshop Introduction

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Objectives & Expected Outcomes

To be able to use Photoshop to enhance photographs and create designs

To learn how to manipulate images including super-imposing of images together


Delegates need to be familiar with computer use, understand their operating system and be able to use a mouse.


Meeting Photoshop

Photoshop characteristics | Tools | Workspace | Window Menu | Panels | Options Bar | Vector & Bitmap | History Panel | Image file formats best practice: TIFF, JPEG, PNG, EPS, PSD

Layout and Selection

Screen Layout: rulers, guides, grids | Selection Tools: marquee, lasso, magic wand, selecting, deselecting, repositioning, moving | Selections: add, subtract, intersecting selection outlines, rotate, scale, transform selection outlines, combine selection tools, feathering selections, selecting by colour range, threshold | Transformations: transform, free transform | Crop: cropping, set crop specifications

Image Characteristics

Image resolution & artwork | Canvas size | Colour mode conversion | Crop and rotate artwork


Layer palette | Selecting, arranging, linking, deleting, merging, flattening layers | Layer effects | Layer blending | Aligning multiple layers


Foreground & background colour | RGB & CMYK | Colour library (pantones)


Vertical & horizontal type tools | Anti-aliasing | Leading, tracking & kerning


Changing brushes | Brush sizes | Airbrush | New brush tips | Paint bucket | Eraser | Magic eraser | Background eraser


Lighting effects | Filter gallery | Liquefy | Artwork effects | Variations | Best practice | Print to PDF

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