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Photoshop Advanced

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Objectives & Expected Outcomes

To turn basic Photoshop users into users that can produce highly professional content.


Delegates should have attended the Introductory course, or have been self-taught to that level.


Power Layers

Vector Masks | Clipping Masks | Fill Opacity/Generic Opacity | Clipping Paths | 3D edit and textures (Photoshop Extended only)

Layer masks

Create montages using layer masking | Understanding vector masks | Adding, editing & deleting vector masks | Masks from selections | Freehand masks | Floating selections

Selection techniques & channels

Working with Alpha channels | Selections in Alpha channels | Building selections from Alpha channels | Colour channels | Save selections | Alpha channels

Drawing & painting

Painting to effect in Photoshop | Creating & modifying brushes | Brush & paint filters

Artwork & External Applications

Combining Illustrator & Photoshop files | Using artwork with InDesign

Working with 3D layers (Photoshop Extended only)

Importing model as 3D layer | Vanishing point | 3D transformations

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