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Flash Advanced

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Objectives & Expected Outcomes

To gain a fantastic understanding of Flash, enough to be able to create professional animations. To be introduced to the ActionScript coding language to add interactivity


Delegates should have attended the Introductory course, or have a working understanding of Flash to create basic animations.


Advanced Animation Techniques

Fine-tuning Motion Tweens | Using Symbols | Animating objects in 3D | Creating animation inside animation | Morphing shapes | Creating and animating a mask

Inverse Kinematics

Understanding Inverse Kinematics | Using the Bone tool | Adjusting bone properties | Creating IK animations | Adding spring to IK animations | Converting IK animations to frame by frame animations

Integrating with Other Applications

Integrating with Flash Builder | Integrating with Flash Catalyst | Integrating with Photoshop | Integrating with Illustrator | Integrating with Dreamweaver

Add Interactivity with ActionScript

Understanding ActionScript 30 | Working with the Actions Panel | Using Code Snippets | Using Behaviours

Creating Desktop Applications using AIR

Understanding Adobe Air | Viewing a simple AIR application | Publishing an AIR application

Working with Graphics

Graphics and the web | Positioning graphics on web pages | Modifying graphics size | Editing graphics on the fly | Roundtrip editing using Photoshop and/or Fireworks

Creating iPhone and Android Applications

Creating a mobile app in Flash | Generating a P12 file | Viewing a mobile app in Flash | Publishing a mobile app in Flash

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