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Flash Introduction

0800 1337 401

Objectives & Expected Outcomes

Understand and be able to use the basic skills and techniques needed to create Flash presentations and web content.


Whilst no experience with Flash is required, the user must be experienced with the operating system.


Module Title

Module Contents

Introducing Flash

Why use flash? | Understanding different Flash file types | Using the Flash Interface | Understanding Bitmap and Vector graphics

Drawing Basic Shapes

Understanding Merge drawing and Object drawing | Using the Line Tool | Using the Oval and Rectangle tools | Using the Polystar Tool | Using the Deco Tool

Drawing Tools

Working with lines and fills | Using the Toolbar tools including Pen, Brush and Free Transform | Using the Colour and Colour Swatches panels | Creating Gradients | Using the Align Panel

Creating Desktop Applications using AIR

Understanding Adobe Air | Viewing a simple AIR application | Publishing an AIR application

Working with External Graphics

Import external graphics | Adjusting Bitmap properties | Using the Trace Bitmap tool | Understanding the Library | Updating the Library | Using graphic symbols

Using Layers and the Timeline

Organising objects onto layers | Creating layers | Using the Paste in Place command | Showing, hiding and locking layers | Using Masks | Creating Guide Layers

Working with Text

Understanding the Text Layout Framework | Using the Text Tool | Working with text fields | Embedding fonts | Using Device Fonts | Using the Break Apart command

Creating Frame by Frame Animations

Using frames, keyframes and blank frames | Creating a simple animation | Using the Onion Skin tool | Copying and Pasting Frames

Adding Sound and Video

Importing sounds | Using behaviours to load sounds | Adding video | Using Flash video components Publishing Flash for web use | Using Flash and HTML together

Working with Audio

Understanding audio in Flash | Importing and using Audio | Compressing audio with the Library | Adjusting sound properties

Working with Video

Understanding Video in Flash | Importing and using video | Using FLV playback | Working with cue points

Publishing with Flash

Checking for accessibility issues | Testing a Flash file | Using the Publish Settings window | Adjusting SWF publish settings | Publishing as a graphic | Publishing as a video

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