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Twitter Introduction 1 Day Course

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Objectives & Expected Outcomes

Understand the route that your business will need to take to maximise potential from Twitter. Understand where changes and implementations may be needed and how to plan for Twitter use.


To have a basic computing knowledge. Personal accounts on some social networking sites (including but not essentially Twitter) will be beneficial. Access to business Twitter account (if existing) may also be beneficial.


Introduction to Twitter

What is Twitter? | Why is it so popular? | Why bother? | Followers

The Importance and Power of Twitter

Mobile Notifications | News Breaking | Mass Cultural Shifts | Customer Service

Twitter Conventions

Character Limitations | Short urls | Images | Videos | Terminology | Retweet | Direct Messages | #Hashtags | #ff etc | Trending | Lists | Replies | Mentions | Favouriting

Understanding Users

Platforms | Confirmed Users | Voyeurism | Right Audience | Why Follow?

Twitter for Business

Location (audience) | Choosing an Avatar, Header and Background | Choosing a username | Bio | Creating a User | Setting up an appropriate Business Profile Page | Attracting the right type of followers | What to tweet | Who to tweet | Where to tweet

How to use Twitter for YOUR Business

Multiple Accounts | Culture within the business | Positive and Progressive interactions | Alerts | Tweetdeck & Hootsuite | Buffering | Advertising through promoting tweets | Driving Twitter traffic | Twitter strategy for YOUR business | Moving forward

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