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Pinterest Introduction 1 Day Course

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Objectives & Expected Outcomes

Understand the route that your business will need to take to maximise potential from Pinterest. Understand where changes and implementations may be needed and how to plan for Pinterest use.


To have a basic computing knowledge. Personal accounts on some social networking sites (including but not essentially Pinterest) will be beneficial.


Module Title

Module Contents

An introduction to Social Media and Pinterest in particular

An Introduction to Pinterest | The Social Media Landscape | What is Pinterest and why is it different? | Who uses it, and for what?

How it works - the basics

Setting up a board | Pinning | The ‘Pin-it’ Tool | Liking and Re-Pinning | Moving Boards | Sharing Boards | Re-organising boards | Finding interesting content for your board(s) | Interacting with other Pinterest boards/people

How it works – In-depth

Marketing techniques | Brand building and visibility | Integrating Pinterest with other platforms | How to use third party content to your advantage | Establishing and keeping followers | Encouraging conversation and engagement | Driving visitors to your website through Pinterest | Changing follower behaviour through Pinterest | Third party tools and applications | Pinterest and legal implications | The sector in which you operate and Pinterest trends | Achieving your company/organisation goals on Pinterest | Pinterest analytics | Integrating Pinterest with your wider marketing activity

Content Creation

What content works | Content purely for Pinterest | Repurposing content for Pinterest | Promoting external content on Pinterest | Content Types: Photographs, Infographics, Video etc

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