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Instagram Introduction 1 Day Course

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Objectives & Expected Outcomes

To learn the basics of using Instagram; how to create great content; how to sell on Instagram; how to build and keep an audience; understand best practice.


Whilst no Instagram experience is necessary, an Instagram-capable device is essential.


A Re-Introduction to Instagram

What is Instagram? | How can Instagram be utilised for business? | The history of Instagram | Understanding Instagram users

Getting Started

Choosing a device | Installation | Sign up | Best use of your Profile


Making better use of your device’s camera | Options | Strategy | Filters | Adjustments | External Apps


Understanding your device’s video | What videos work on Instagram | Choosing when to choose video over stills | Recording Options Strategy | External apps, including Hyperlapse

Posting and Sharing Instagram Content

Optimising Instagram descriptions | Understanding Hashtags | Utilising Hashtags | Understanding the Instagram culture and use of Hashtags, compared with other platforms | When and how to tag | Locations

Content ideas and Strategy

Building a strategy | Strategy principles | Understanding the strategy of others | Social Media strategy overview | Content creation ideas | Instagram Explore | Selling on Instagram | Instagram Direct

Instagram Contests

Hosting a contest | Why? | Types | Strategy | Setup| Promotion | Next steps

Maintaining Instagram

Getting Followers | Keeping hold of your Followers | Audience Growth


Getting Started | Best Practice | What has worked | Ad Guidelines

Managing Multiple Instagram Accounts and Comments

External Apps to help manage multiple accounts | Why multiple accounts can work | Embracing comments | Apps for photography & Video | Instagram analytic tools

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