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Facebook Introduction - 1 Day Course

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Objectives & Expected Outcomes

Understand the route that your business will need to take to maximise potential from Facebook. Understand where changes and implementations may be needed and how to plan for Facebook use.


To have a basic computing knowledge. Personal accounts on some social networking sites (including but not essentially Facebook) will be beneficial.


Facebook Re-introduction

Understanding Facebook | The History of Facebook | Facebook and the Internet (and understanding global implications) | Social Trends | Understanding EdgeRank | Quantity vs. Quality | Virals

Understanding Facebook: Personal Accounts

Existing User Activity | Events | Pages & Places | Groups | Networks | Contact Details & The Phone Book | IM/Chat | Mobile & Other Platforms | Images | Uploading Media | Sharing Content | Tagging | Imposters


Imposters | Business & Employees | Changing Settings | Best Practice

Using Pages and Directing Facebook use for Business

Transferring known skills | Business Strategy | Business Culture (including Time, Timings & Scheduling) | Adapting for Business (including Events, Pages & Places, Groups, Mobile and other platforms) | Direct Audience | Ownership | Setting up your Facebook page | Naming and Keywords | Plugins & Apps


Promote | Advertising strands | Content | Fire-fighting, trolls and Customer Service | Measuring Facebook | Insights (including Facebook-produced Graphs) | Raising page awareness

How to use Facebook for YOUR business

Feeds | Embedding | Combining Social Networks | What can YOU get from Facebook?

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