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Consultative Sales Workshop

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Course Objectives

  • To understand the structure of the steps of a consultative sales journey.
  • To use communication skills to build rapport with customers.
  • To use effective questioning and listening to discover the real business needs of customers.
  • To understand how to use the features, advantages and benefits of their products and services to present a compelling proposition.
  • To respond with empathy and answer objections and/or questions customers may have.
  • To close sales and build ongoing “win/win” relationships with customers.

Who should attend

Anyone who is selling for a living, either on the phone, face to face or both. People new to sales will pick up the skills needed to have successful win/win interactions with customers. Experienced sales people will have the opportunity to enhance their existing skills.

Course Syllabus

Module One: Setting the Scene

Course objectives
Stops, Starts and Continues for taking on learning

Module Two: What is Good Selling?

What makes a good salesperson?
Seeing things from our customers’ point of view
Pull vs. push selling

Module Three: The Sales Structure

Needs, Solutions and Value
The structure of a consultative sales journey

Module Four: The Introduction

Building rapport
The components of a powerful introduction

Module Five: The Fact Find

Questioning techniques
Active listening
Gaining customer commitment

Module Six: Selling

Features, advantages and benefits
Checking customer commitment
Proving value

Module Seven: Objection Handling

Avoiding objections
Objection handling techniques

Module Eight: Closing

Closing techniques
Cementing the sale
Maintaining customer relationships

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