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Visio Advanced

Designed for Visio versions 2013,2010

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Course Objectives

Welcome to Seven Institute’s course for Microsoft Office Visio, Microsoft’s diagramming application. This new version of Visio now uses the ribbon interface. Other new features include Auto Align and Space, improved AutoConnect, many improved diagram types, and other tools that will make creating diagrams easier.

This Advanced level is intended to help everyday users become familiar with the ability to customize Visio drawings using advanced features such as legends and master shapes. This course will also help more experienced users create advanced diagrams, such as the PivotDiagram.

This course will cover adding data to shapes, using advanced markup tools, adding advanced shapes and legends to a diagram, as well as the creation of PivotDiagrams. By the end of this course users should be comfortable using the more advanced features found in Visio to assist in the creation and implementation of complex diagrams.

Who Should Attend

This course is ideal for people who have completed our Visio Introduction course or have equivalent knowledge using Visio.

Course Syllabus


  • Use Paste Special
  • Insert a field
  • Add symbols, ScreenTips, and hyperlinks
  • Add data to shapes
  • Add a container to a diagram
  • Use the Container Tools – Format tab
  • Resize a container
  • Add shapes to a container
  • Remove shapes from a container
  • Disband a container
  • Choose a container and heading style
  • Select the contents of a container
  • Lock a container
  • Choose a callout style
  • Move and resize callouts
  • Change the position of the callout line
  • Change the callout style
  • Add a layer
  • Show and hide layers
  • Activate a layer
  • Preserve group member layers
  • Color and lock layers


  • Create a new stencil
  • Add shapes to a stencil
  • Remove shapes from a stencil
  • Save a stencil
  • Copy shapes from one stencil to another
  • Use the Quick Shapes stencil
  • Rename and edit stencil shapes
  • Reset custom stencils


  • Add shapes to My Shapes and the Quick Shapes stencil
  • Organize stencils in My Shapes
  • Create a master shape
  • Edit, rename, and delete master shapes
  • Edit master shape properties
  • Add master shapes to another stencil
  • Modify master shape icons
  • Use My Shapes and Quick Shapes stencils with master shapes


  • Add and edit comments
  • Navigate through existing comments
  • Delete comments
  • Mark up a diagram using a pen or highlighter
  • Show or hide markup
  • Use the Reviewing Pane
  • Delete existing markup
  • Toggle ink/highlighter markup on or off
  • Use the ballpoint pen and highlighter
  • Configure the ballpoint pen and highlighter
  • Erase markup
  • Use and close the Ink Tools – Pens contextual tab


  • Use the Shape Data window
  • Use the Define Shape Data dialog
  • Create and configure shape data sets
  • Apply shape data sets to existing shapes
  • Manually link data to a shape
  • Use the External Data window
  • Automatically link data to shapes
  • Refresh external data sources
  • Remove data links to external sources
  • Create, insert, edit, and remove data graphics
  • Add and edit a legend
  • Add text and shapes to a legend
  • Remove a legend
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