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PowerPoint Advanced

Designed for PowerPoint versions 2016,2013,2010,2007

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Course Objectives

Welcome to Seven Institute’s course for Microsoft Office PowerPoint, Microsoft’s powerful and easy-to-use presentation program. This new version of PowerPoint incorporates some new features and connectivity options in an effort to make collaboration and production as easy as possible.

This Intermediate level is intended to help users familiar with PowerPoint improve their basic skills and to become more comfortable with advanced features like transitions, animations, photos, charts, tables, and SmartArt. This course will also give users some tips on managing PowerPoint files.

This course will cover how to manage PowerPoint files; format a presentation; apply transitions and animations; and add art, diagrams, charts, and tables. By the end of this course, users should be able to create engaging, visually rich, interactive presentations, adding audio and video to a presentation; creating different types of masters and templates; reviewing a presentation; and creating advanced, custom, and shared shows.

Who Should Attend

PowerPoint Advanced is ideal for anyone that runs presentations, puts presentations together for someone else, or uses PowerPoint to document information.

Course Syllabus


  • Check spelling in a presentation
  • Use the Research pane
  • Use the Thesaurus
  • Translate text
  • Change your language
  • Change the theme in use
  • Apply theme colors, fonts, and effects individually
  • Manage theme files
  • Change the style of slide backgrounds
  • Use the Format Background dialog
  • Apply slide transitions individually and globally
  • Customize transition effects and timing
  • Preview transitions
  • Apply, customize, preview, and re-order animations
  • Use advanced animation effects
  • Design custom motion paths
  • Define custom triggers
  • Use the Animation Pane and the Animation Painter


  • Use the Drawing Tools – Format tab and the Picture Tools – Format tab
  • Add a shape
  • Format a shape manually or with a style
  • Resize, edit, move, delete, arrange, group, ungroup, regroup, align, distribute, rotate, and flip shapes
  • Add text to shapes and format it manually or with a style
  • Apply transforms to text
  • Add WordArt to slides
  • Use guidelines and grids to help you arrange shapes and objects
  • Use the Format Shape and Format Text Effects dialogs
  • Use the Selection Pane


  • Add pictures from a file or from Clip Art
  • Take screenshots of your computer
  • Add photo albums
  • Use the Picture Tools – Format tab and mini toolbar
  • Move, resize, delete, crop, rotate, and flip pictures
  • Arrange, group, and ungroup pictures
  • Align and distribute pictures
  • Color correct and recolor pictures
  • Apply artistic effects and styles to photos
  • Modify photo backgrounds
  • Use the Format Picture dialog
  • Compress, swap, and reset photos
  • Export pictures out of PowerPoint


  • Identify the parts of a table
  • Insert tables with the grid and dialog
  • Draw tables manually
  • Use the Table Tools and Chart Tools tabs
  • Add an Excel spreadsheet to a presentation
  • Select table data
  • Resize and move tables
  • Add, remove, and resize rows and columns
  • Merge and split cells
  • Format tables and table text with styles and by hand
  • Add charts to your presentation
  • Resize, move, and delete charts
  • Edit chart data
  • Change the chart style
  • Add SmartArt and incorporate text and pictures
  • Use the SmartArt Tools tabs
  • Resize, move, and delete diagrams
  • Change the layout and style of SmartArt
  • Recolor SmartArt
  • Convert SmartArt to text or shapes
  • Reset SmartArt


  • Insert a video file from your computer or the Clip Art gallery
  • Recognize the tools on the Video Tools - Format and Playback tabs
  • Crop video files
  • Correct and recolor video files
  • Apply a poster frame to the presentation
  • Add a stylized border to the video file
  • Control video file playback during your presentation
  • Insert an audio file from your computer or the Clip Art gallery
  • Recognize the tools on the Audio Tools - Format and Playback tabs
  • Crop audio files
  • Change the icon used to identify the audio file
  • Control how the audio file plays during your presentation
  • Record an audio file using PowerPoint


  • Create, save, use, and apply slide masters
  • Switch to Slide Master view and use the Slide Master tab
  • Create and customize slide layouts
  • Apply a global theme or background to a slide master
  • Choose a style for your slide master
  • Use, insert, modify, move, and delete placeholders
  • Edit and update master slides
  • Clear a master from a presentation
  • Create, save, and apply handout and notes masters


  • Set monitor options
  • Rehearse timings
  • Use the Set Up Show dialog
  • Choose show elements
  • Record and play back a show
  • Create, edit, present, and delete a custom show
  • Hide individual slides
  • Set narration options
  • Record, edit, and play back narrations
  • Broadcast slides
  • Create a video from your slide show
  • Create a show-only file
  • Package your presentation for CD
  • Download and install the PowerPoint Viewer
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