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Microsoft Excel - Introduction

Designed for Excel versions 2016,2013,2010,2007

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Course Objectives

Welcome to Seven Institute’s course for Microsoft Office Excel, Microsoft’s powerful and easy-to-use spreadsheet program. The 2013 version of Excel incorporates some new features and connectivity options in efforts to make collaboration and production as easy as possible.

This Introduction level is intended to help all novice computers get up to speed quickly. This course will also help more experienced users who have little to no experience with Excel and the ribbon interface.

This course will cover different features of the interface, give a brief overview of all the tabs in the ribbon, show how to print, cover some simple scenarios, and cover the basics of formatting. By the end of this course, users should be comfortable with creating a new spreadsheet, working with basic formulae, making their spreadsheet look professional and presentable including the use of charts, and then saving and printing the spreadsheet.

Who Should Attend

This course assumes the delegate understands the basics of using a windows-based computer. Students should be comfortable using the keyboard, mouse, and start menu. Understanding and experience with printing and using a Web browser is an asset, but not required. No previous experience with other versions of Excel is necessary.

PLEASE NOTE: Our 2013 public schedule courses are trained in conjunction with 2010. 2013 students will be given comprehensive 2013 courseware manuals and our trainers will be able to run through the major changes from 2010 - 2013 with you at the end of the day

Course Syllabus

Getting Started

  • Open and Interact with Excel
  • Close Excel
  • Create new workbooks
  • Open and close existing workbooks
  • Save workbooks
  • Recognize the different Excel file types
  • Recognize and work with the active cell
  • Select multiple cells
  • Explore worksheets and workbooks
  • Zoom in and out of a worksheet
  • Open and use the Help interface
  • Recognize the difference between online and offline Help

The Excel Interface

  • Work with the Quick Access Toolbar
  • Add and remove buttons on the Quick Access Toolbar
  • Use the File (Backstage) menu
  • Home tab
  • Insert tab
  • Page Layout tab
  • Formulas tab
  • Data tab
  • Review Tab

Excel Basics

  • Work with columns, rows, cells, and ranges
  • Create worksheet labels
  • Enter and delete data
  • Print a worksheet
  • Use AutoFill, AutoSum, and AutoComplete
  • Drag and drop cells
  • Cut, copy, and paste cells
  • Use the Clipboard and Paste Special
  • Insert and delete cells, rows, and columns
  • Use undo, redo, and repeat

Introduction to Formulas

  • Work with basic formulas
  • Understand the difference between relative and absolute cell references
  • Use basic mathematical operators
  • Use formulas with multiple cell references

Editing an Excel Workbook

  • Change the size of rows or columns
  • Adjust cell alignment and rotate text
  • Create custom number and date formats
  • Add patterns, colors, and borders to a worksheet
  • Work with styles and themes

Excel Charts

  • Create and format charts
  • Enhance charts with drawing tools
  • Change the chart type
  • Change the source data for a chart
  • Work with chart axes and data series
  • Save a chart style/layout as a template
  • Identify absolute and relative cell references
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