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Access Advanced

Designed for Access versions 2013,2010,2007

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Course Objectives

Welcome to Seven Institute’s course for Microsoft Office Access Advanced. This new version of Access incorporates new programmatically-oriented macro tools and also features new tools for creating Access Web databases. These databases can be used in conjunction with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server running Access Services to provide database functionality in the form of a Web site database application.

This Advanced level is intended to introduce competent Access users to new and advanced database concepts. This course will also help experienced database users who are new to Access.

Who Should Attend

Access Advanced in suitable for anyone who manages an Access database or wishes to create and Access database. This course is more tagerted toward people designing databases than end users.

Course Syllabus


  • Understand basic SQL, parts of an SQL statement, and SQL keywords
  • Add WHERE clauses to an SQL statement
  • Add controls to forms and modal dialogs
  • Compact and repair a database
  • Add or remove database passwords
  • Back up a database


  • Create, modify, and use a subform
  • Display a subform within a main form
  • Display a navigation form when the database opens
  • Limit user access to a form
  • Create check boxes and command buttons
  • Build command button events
  • Create event procedures
  • Use various kinds of hyperlinks in a form
  • Perform calculations in a form


  • Recognise a PivotTable
  • Create a PivotTable and add fields to it
  • Perform basic tasks on a PivotTable
  • Work with PivotTable data
  • Hide and show data in a PivotTable
  • Group PivotTable data
  • Refresh PivotTable data
  • Use the PivotTable Properties dialog
  • Edit and format a PivotTable
  • Import data from, and export data to, Microsoft Excel
  • Create a PivotTable based on Excel data
  • Recognise a PivotChart
  • Create a PivotChart and add fields to it
  • Perform basic tasks on a PivotChart
  • Modify a PivotChart
  • Create a PivotChart and PivotTable from the same object
  • Add axis titles and a legend to a PivotChart
  • Change the PivotChart type


  • Recover Access if there is a problem with the program
  • Restore a database from a backup copy
  • Start Access on Windows boot
  • Repair Access 2010
  • Split your database and set the appropriate options
  • Set up Access 2010 for a multi-user database


  • Create macros
  • Use macros as event procedures
  • Define program control with If-Then-Else statements
  • Add comments to a macro
  • Add comments to VBA code
  • Use message and input boxes
  • Enable and disable form controls
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