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Finance for Non-Finance Managers Two Days

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Finance for Non Financial Employees is a one or two day course designed that is run onsite or as a closed company option. This course is ideal for employees who work with financial documents such as budgets but don't hold a finance qualification or have limited experience working with finances within an organisation. The course is a good mix of theory and practice and can be tailored to meet your companies specific requirements.

Who should Attend

Any employee that wants to build their knowledge of financial documents within an organisation.

Learning Outcomes – this 2-day course is designed to help delegates:

  • Improve their financial knowledge and understanding of key financial terms
  • Learn how to read accounts and analyse financial information
  • Feel more confident in discussing financial decisions and their interplay with strategy
  • Understand how to manage budgets more effectively
  • Understand balance sheets
  • Learn about accruals and revenue accounting
  • Effectively analyse year-on-year trends and find meaning in the numbers

Course content:

Understanding Financial Statements & Reports

  • Accounts: how are they structured and why they are needed
  • P&L, Balance Sheet and Cashflow: what they tell us and why we need to read them together
  • Financial jargon: answering your questions on financial terminology
  • Cash flow management: understanding the difference between cash and profit, and why cash matters to your organisation

Using and Working with Financial Reports

  • Learn the key questions needed to read and interpret financial reports
  • Review and apply key ratios to analyse financial performance
  • Learn how to link finance back to your company’s wider business strategy

Budgeting for Better Results

  • Preparing a budget: good practice, planning and forecasting
  • Budgeting Case Study: how to challenge assumptions and budget for best results
  • Budgeting approaches: looking at budgeting methodologies and practices

Why balance sheets matter

  • Learning how to read your company balance sheet
  • Ensuring key organisational assets are put to best use
  • Understanding capex vs opex and strategic decision-making for capital expenditure

Profit, Revenue & Accruals Accounting

  • Understand why we have P&L accounting vs cash accounting
  • Gain insight into why revenue and costs accruals happen and matter
  • Learn simple accounting rules for revenue accounting

Financial Trend Analysis

  • Effectively analyse year-on-year trends and find meaning in the numbers
  • In depth look at how to use financial statements together to derive understanding and insight
  • Look at key financial metrics; solvency, liquidity, profitability, asset use, gearing – and understand why these matter to your business
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