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InDesign Introduction

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Objectives & Expected Outcomes

To be able to use InDesign to create and manipulate professional documentation

To be introduced to desktop publishing


Delegates attending this course should have a working understanding of their operating system, particularly being able to use a mouse.


Document Basics

Creating and saving a document | Understanding and appreciating the InDesign approach | Overview of features/tools/palette | Document navigation/Using Views/Smart Views | Tool Box | Selection Tools

Achieving accurate layout

Grids | Guides | Rulers

Text handling

Text Frames | Text Frame Formatting | Text on a path | Text Frame Options | Text flow | Creating and formatting columns


Importing/Placing/Threading Text | Character formatting | Paragraph formatting | Adobe Paragraph Composer | Basic typography and layout


Graphic boxes | Editing graphic boxes | Editing graphics | Resizing graphics | Reshaping graphic boxes

Text meets graphics

Text wrapping options | Flowing text round graphic boxes


Tabs and Tab Characters | Leaders | Tabs Palette


Creating and using layers | Layers palette | Layer order | Layer visibility


Building basic tables | Formatting tables | Tables and Text | Tables, colour fills and strokes


Colour principles and modes | Colour Palette | Creating and applying new colours | Editing colour | Strokes and Fills

Document Handoff

Issues relating to document handoff to service providers such as printers


Preview | Print | Print Options | Print Presets | Pre-flight

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