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Dreamweaver Overview

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Objectives & Expected Outcomes

Create and design a basic working website

Add visually stimulating elements such as sound, video, animation – adding functionality with forms


You need to familiar with working in the operating system that you use and using a mouse. You will need to be familiar with internet use.


Meeting Dreamweaver

Learning the Dreamweaver interface and properties inspector

Site Definition

Site menu | Site definition | Creating a new site

Site content

Add content | Text handling | Document structure | Using lists, numbered and bulleted | Horizontal lines | Special characters

Navigating the site | Site links | Relative and absolute links | Using named anchors | Email links | Using images to create links | Understanding site navigation linking to files in your site | Creating and editing an image map | Create and editing a jump menu

Cascading Style Sheets

An introduction to cascading style sheets | Creating a style | Rule definition | Class styles | Class selectors | Importing/exporting style sheets | Internal styles using Property Inspector | Order and inheritance of style sheets

Working with Graphics

Graphics and the web | Positioning graphics on web pages | Modifying graphics size | Editing graphics on the fly | Roundtrip editing using Photoshop and/or Fireworks

Rich Media

Adding Flash video | Positioning/sizing video | Using Flash skins | Adding sound | Flash buttons and Flash Media


Grid and Ruler for accurate positioning | Layers as layout tools | Absolute and relative positioning | DIVS as design aids | Scrollable layers


Creating and editing tables in Dreamweaver | Using tables for text and graphic positioning | Table layout view

Using Libraries and Templates

Creating templates | Using templates | Applying templates to new and existing pages | Applying and modifying editable regions within templates

Creating Forms

Creating and using forms | Adding form fields | Processing forms | Form validation | Combining CSS and form fields

Testing, Maintaining, and Uploading

Testing your site | Maintaining site consistency | Remote site connections | File synchronization | Updating site/pages as necessary

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