Jun 2017

In April, Seven Institute became a Licensed Insights Discovery Practitioner and Distributor. Insights Discovery is a highly recognised personality profiling model, based on the theories of famous psychiatrist Carl Jung. With a team of accredited practitioners across the UK, we are able to run training workshops wherever you are, offering individual coaching and workshops, as well as producing the Insights Discovery profiles.

Insights Discovery is a unique tool which uses the power of colour to bring the individual personalities of your employees to life. It’s a great tool for helping people understand both themselves and those they work with. We are offering two new workshops: Effective Teams and Leadership. Our Effective Teams workshop will help your employees understand the unique differences each team member brings and how to get the best out of each other. We focus on reducing conflict and increasing communication and collaboration.

Our Leadership workshop will give your managers and supervisors the skills required to get the best out of their employees. We know how important leaders are for an organisation in terms of reducing absenteeism, retaining key talent, and increasing staff productivity. The return on investment for organisations is huge.