Seven Institute successfully delivers dynamic training programme to a UK council.

June 2017: Seven Institute has successfully delivered ‘Customer Excellence’ training to a UK council. The contract involved the design and development of over 80 face-to-face workshops to be delivered to 1200 of the council’s managers and employees as well as generating a substantial e-learning course with over two hours of online learning. The project was a success with positive feedback from the council. Seven Institute worked closely with the councils internal training and development team to ensure the programmes objectives were achieved.

The focus of this programme was to assist the council in embedding their new customer charter and to encourage a customer centric approach to their public services. Seven Institute has worked with local authorities as well as the civil service on a number of change programmes and is proud to be associated with contributing to the improvement of lives within local communities. The content mainly focused on delivering excellent customer services at all levels of the organisation. The e-learning module was created to support the face-to-face workshops and to ensure that all of the council’s employees had access to the learning online through the councils learning management system.

The expected outcomes of this programme were an increased level of customer service excellence, increased levels of employee engagement in the customer experience, outputs that are measurable, improved access to products and services, improved internal processes and systems, developing a learning culture of continuous improving and positive channel shifting all of which were successfully achieved.