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Management Foundation Skills Two Day

0800 1337 401

Course Objectives

  • Identify the main differences between being a team member who focus on achieving a task, enabling others to achieve the task, and the strategic leadership role.
  • Improve the customer focused vision for your team by conducting a journey mapping exercise Understand how systems thinking will create sustainable processes that support accelerated growth within your department
  • Get the important tasks completed efficiently through clear goal setting and delegation
  • Identify the common mistakes of delegation and how to avoid them
  • Identify and practice a number of feedback approaches that encourage future growth (forward thinking)
  • Discover the key to keeping a new employee’s motivation and enthusiasm
  • Highlight various office personalities and how to work with them
  • Learn how to avoid and neutralise office politics within your team
  • Develop a high performing, collaborative team by learning the five steps of a cohesive team
  • Identify where you team is currently positioned on the five steps pyramid and create a plan to move your team forward

Who Should Attend

Its scary becoming a manager, all of a sudden people look to you for the lead. They expect you to know things that previously they would look to someone else for. Becoming a manager takes time but this workshop is aimed at giving you a leg up on to the ladder. This workshop is aimed at those who are new to management and those who will be moving into team leader or manager roles.

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